Brooklit January 2014 via Instagram

Since life seems to look best through Instagram and I'm a self proclaimed insta-addict, I've decided this year I'd start a monthly feature of my favorite and most liked photos of each month. Fortunately I've been super busy illustrating my next 4 books, and sketching up a storm for both clients and myself. The top row shown above are my three favorites, starting with a white charcoal sketch I was drawing for new "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" cards for Brooklit Bride. (There must have been a lot of New Years Eve engagements this year because this month I've sold out many of my designs!) The top-middle is a shot of my apartment, and the top-right is the Empire State Building as seen from the penthouse of the Bryant Park Hotel where I spent a day live-sketching for a press event.

For a closer look at these photos and more of my daily Instragrams you can follow me @Brooklit.

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