Fabulous Doodles Inspiration No. 1: Renaldo Barnette

With the start of the new year I've decided to kick off a new series called Fabulous Doodles Inspiration featuring illustrations and artwork that inspires me. Like most artists I'm influenced by the work of others and one of my biggest influencers is designer Renaldo Barnette, my longtime dear friend, former FIT professor, and outstandingly talented fashion designer. These sketches are part of a collection Renaldo worked on for Ralph Lauren, and happen to be one of my favorite projects in his portfolio. I asked if he had a preference of which group to feature and he chose the three above since they form such a nice mini collection of eveningwear, cocktail, and sportswear. No matter the designer he's working for Renaldo's work always amazes me. His illustrations are flawless, the girls exude personality and they're always rendered to perfection, never overdone or too stylized. Needless to say I'm not only a friend, but a huge fan, and after you check out his site I'm sure you will be as well.

(Illustration: Renaldo Barnette) 

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Unknown said...

His illustrations really look amazing and I immediately fell in love with the one on the left! It's such a gorgeous dress