Inspired Weekend

A peek into my inspired weekend of adding new fashion illustration prints to my Etsy shop, sketching dessert tables, and marathon watching a new show. 

1. I've been giving my Etsy shop a little revamp with an infusion of new sketches and "Poodle Proud" here is a favorite just added. (I actually drew these two a few months ago and am happy to finally be sharing them.)

2. Silver sparkle pencils from the Michael's dollar bin. I ran in for a picture frame but came out with these and love them!

3. Sketched dessert table illustrations again this weekend for one of my favorite repeat clients, sweets stylist Amy Atlas. Since I can't share the new sketches just yet here is an older one I never posted. This wintry dessert table was  designed for Anthropologie's holiday catalogue preview party.

4. This weekend, while sketching I dove into a new show (new to me that is) marathoning Scandal. I'm now officially obsessed with Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. Her wardrobe is a stunning array of monochromatic looks of whites, grays and pale blush. From her jackets, coats, sweaters to her silk pajamas and even workout wear, its one beautiful look after the next. Ahh what I'd do for this fictitious closet.

I actually illustrated Kerry Washington on Miu Miu at last years Golden Globes but I just may have to do more now inspired by her Scandal character.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your sketches and I don't mean to be picky, but pajamas doesn't need an apostrophe. It's plural, not possessive. Ugh, I know, I'm a grammar freak, forgive me.

Brooke said...

Oy! Thank you. I'm the worst when it comes to spelling and grammar!