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Every now and then I receive emails through my etsy shop from aspiring illustrators and students asking for advice on fashion illustration. I've been asked everything from what my favorite marker brand is to what kind of classes I'd suggest taking to what books I'd recommend. Here are some great books from my collection:

The first book here was written by Steven Stipelman, Fashion Design Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I was lucky enough to be taught by this amazing talent for four consecutive semesters. (It took a lot of schedule rearranging!) His book is an invaluable reference. The cover shown here is from the first edition, but more have been published since and each one with additional drawings. (A little birdie told me he's currently working on sketches for the next edition!)

20,000 Years of Fashion The History of Fashion and Personal Adornment is a great overview of the history of fashion from prehistoric costume to modern day fashion. It has hundreds of full color images of primary and secondary sources; photographs, paintings, sculptures and artifacts. It served as a text book for a Costume History course I took in college but I've continued to reference it through the years.

For unique examples of fashion illustrations of men, women and children created using a wide variety of media, The Big Book of Fashion Illustration is great. I bit the bullet and bought this book after sitting on the floor of the book store analyzing it page by page for over an hour!

Fashion Illustration Next is another book featuring really creative and artsy fashion illustrations in a multitude of mediums by 40 international illustrators.

My other books shown in the top photo of this post are:

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Anonymous said...

I am a fashion design student and I am just starting to learn all the good stuff. I want to know what book would you recommend for me to buy so I can learn more about marker illustration, I would like to practice during the summer break, I wonder if there is a book that could teach step by step techniques. I saw a lot of books online but don't know which would be the best... please let me know if you have any suggestions

Thank you

Brooke said...

I'd say Steven Stipelmans book is a must have for any aspiring fashion designer or illustrator. Here's more about the latest edition:

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke

I love Steven Stipelman's 3rd edition of this book. I wanted to ask you - do the older editions have many different illustrations in them (i.e. worth buying too as I love his work!). Would love to know the differences between the editions. Thank you :-)

Brooke said...

I believe they do have additional illustrations and more color illustrations. I'm not 100% on that though, if your really interested email me and I'll ask him for you. :)