My winning design...

106 Artists entered, 12 judges chose 20 finalists, and over 8,000 people voted! Vaute Couture has produced the coat inspired by my winning design! I'm really happy with how it came out, I think it's super cute and girly and love the color options offered. You can see my original sketch here at the top of this post, and below are photo's of the produced coat from the fall/winter 2009 lookbook (which you can download here).

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart is the visionary behind Vaute Couture. Her mission is to create fabulous vegan/eco conscious coats with the help of emerging artists. (We thank you Leanne!) The coat is made of performance based fabrics, that are water/wind resistant, heat retaining, and have a windproof lining! I suppose Leanne, being a Chicago girl, knows how to pick fabrics to withstand those rough winters.

Since it's a tiny label just starting out, they will be producing 25 of each coat in each color for a limited launch collection. Pre-order special offer here: If you pre-order now through June 30th they will match your deposit amount, as cash off your balance!

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