My Visual Packing List

What you may ask is a visual packing list? Well, I'm going away for 3 weeks and need to travel with a wardrobe suitable for the wide variety of activities I'll be participating in and places I'll be visiting. Our itinerary consists of everything from hiking and biking -in 100 degree heat- to visiting sites where we need to follow "modesty laws," (your legs, shoulders and chest should be covered.) We need to have cute going out outfits for fun summer nights on the town and comfy casual cloths for sight seeing. So where to start?

Being such a visual person, having a image to reference is invaluable when trying to get ready in an instant. When stylists pick outfits for their clients, or style fashion shows, every look is captured in a Polaroid. Well Polaroid film is super expensive, and now super hard to find as they've stopped making it (boohoo), so I've come up with an alternative.  Instead of riffling through my suitcase trying to figure out what I brought and what matches what, I can just look at my "visual packing list" of quick doodles of all that I've packed and pick something. In the past it's been really helpful (although friends think I'm nuts!!!), so I've done it again. The photo above is page one of two...yes I'm an over-packer. 

So I am off for a few weeks, "packing list" in tow. (Actually it's stored on my camera, much easier than pulling out a big piece of paper. I can just zoom in to see each look close up) Promise to post as soon as I get back!

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Sheryl said...

Brooke, this is such a good idea! You should sell it!

ms. less is always more said...

I absolutely LOVE this... so brilliant!

Brooke said...

Thank you so much. Yeah, it really comes in handy!