Busy bee

I've had such a productive day, it's such a great feeling. I was able to cross things off my "to do list", which I have to admit gives me such a natural high! Is that normal? I finished my freelance project (part of which is above, but more to come soon) and made new cards for my etsy shopCards and gift tags aren't really big sellers for me but I love making them. And if they don't sell they'll get used eventually because I'm big on sending cards. 

This is my favorite card of the day.  Here's how it came about, a few months ago on a trip home to see my dad I was walking up the street and an old neighbor stopped me saying she had something in her house for me. She gave me this adorable vintage stationary set with dress patterns on it. I absolutely loved it. It was one of those rare times when someone gives you something that's just so you. You know what I mean? This is one of the envelopes from that package. I made the illustration 2 years ago for the etsy love challenge. I came up with this little story behind the drawing; it's supposed to be Marie Antoinette. She's holding a needle, thread and pinking sheers because she just finished sewing her dress and is thinking about what she could create next. She coordinates so nicely with the clothing pattern printed envelope. 

And here's my most popular print, my "Vogue" girl, on a thank you card. She was my first etsy listing actually.  This fact, and that I happen to be a curly haired girl myself, make her one of my favorites. 

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