Pretty Presentation

It's such a nice feeling to open up a package or gift and know that someone took the time to wrap it or put in that extra special touch just for you. I'm pretty crafty, if I do say so myself (fun fact: the queen of crafting, Ms. Martha Stewart, and I share the same birthday. I met her once when I was in high school and I told her that!) I wanted my clients to feel that crafters touch when they open up my work. This is a photo of how my orders are shipped. The envelopes change, as I try to recycle when possible, but this is what the order looks like inside. 

The print(s) are placed against a piece of foam core, so that the art work will not get bent. A wide piece of pink tulle is wrapped around the corners, to make sure the print doesn't move, then its tied into a pretty bow. It's completed with a little thank you card, this cute doily one is from etsy (sorry, I can't find the link for exact seller), I also sometimes use personalized wood grain ones from Paloma's Nest. I add a business card and it's ready to ship out.  

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High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

It looks so pretty. I love all that pink!