It's about Time-x!

Last October Timex commissioned me to draw six fashion illustrations coordinating with watches from their spring trends. I completed the job so long ago, that I forgot that besides being in brochures (which they sent me copies of) and available for print, they were due be on their website. I don't know what made me look, but tonight I decided to check their site, and there they were!

Because Timex "takes fashion from the runway to your wrist" the assignment was to draw women wearing Timex watches, each one fitting into one of the season's trend groups: The Romantics, White-Out, Roaring 20's, Jet-Setter, Pedal to the Metal, and Black & White.

After countless emails and phone calls with the Timex group debating things such as design details, garment silhouettes and hair color, and some of the sketches being thickened up in photoshop (because I naturally tend to draw very skinny ladies), they got completed and are up for viewing. You can also download a pdf version of their Spring 2009 Style Brochure with all six of my drawings from their website here: Timex Style. (<-This link is old and longer links to the work I did)

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